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Freed Conn KY Pro Intercom
Freed Conn KY Pro Intercom
Freed Conn KY Pro Intercom
Freed Conn KY Pro Intercom
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Freed Conn KY Pro Intercom


FreedConn KY PRO Motorcycle Intercom

Hit the road with the ultimate connectivity of the FreedConn KY PRO Motorcycle Intercom. Designed for the modern rider, it brings unparalleled clarity and convenience to your riding experience.

  • Product Features:

    • Crystal-Clear Communication: Supports intercom functionality, connecting you to fellow riders with impeccable clarity.
    • Universal Connectivity: Equipped with a built-in Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip, it pairs seamlessly with any Bluetooth headset, ensuring stable connections and high-quality sound.
    • Extended Range: Offers a remarkable intercom range of up to 1000M for 2-riders and up to 2000M for group communication among 6 riders, keeping you connected over vast distances.
    • Effortless Music Sharing: Share your favorite tunes with your riding partner, enhancing the joy of every journey.
    • Voice Command Activation: Utilize voice commands for hands-free operations, keeping your focus on the road.
    • Robust Battery Life: Enjoy up to 11 hours of talk time, 10 hours of intercom use, and a standby time of 169 hours on a single charge.
    • Weather Resistant: With an IP65 waterproof rating, this device stands strong, even in rainy conditions.
    • Versatile Pairing: Connect to two phones, MP3, GPS, or other Bluetooth devices simultaneously for multifunctional use.

    The FreedConn KY PRO is designed for motorcycle riders who value connectivity and convenience. Whether you're cruising city streets

    or navigating through an adventurous road trip, the KY-Pro makes communication effortless. It's ideal for riders seeking an intercom to listen to music, chat with friends, or take calls without compromising on safety or enjoyment.

    Embrace the freedom and joy of motorcycling with the cutting-edge technology of FreedConn KY PRO. Its robust build, coupled with advanced features, provides a seamless riding experience, ensuring you stay connected in any weather, on any journey.

    Who It's For: The FreedConn KY PRO is crafted for the passionate motorcyclist who demands both quality and functionality. It's for the rider who wants to stay in touch with friends, enjoy music, and remain reachable, all while riding. This intercom is an indispensable tool for those who see their motorcycle as not just a ride, but a way to connect and communicate.