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Kashif Auto Corp established in 1978. Started treading in the market of motorcycle parts by having distribution ship of a China’s well-known brand called “Future”. After analyzing the needs and wants of the increasing population of our country, Kashif Auto Corp came into the business of tires after 2010. Kashif Auto Corp also realized the need of certified riding helmets due to the increase in bikes accidents all over our country. Then in 2014, Kashif Autos Corp worked hard to get the sole distribution of a world’s well-known brand “Ls2 Helmets”.

LS2 is been a part of Moto GP from last 12 years and joined hands with Kashif Auto Corp to get into the market of Pakistan by compromising on the profit margins due the economic situation of Pakistan. Now we are in 2019 and in October 2019, we got the sole distribution ship of Afghanistan as well. Kashif Auto Corp striving to educate and looking forward to get our people the safety to our riders in every way. Kashif Auto Corp collaborating into the corporate market of Pakistan to enhance the safety awareness in our industries.